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Posté: 03 Avr 2015, 22:37

Map Pack
PRTA has been working hard to get some maps ready for a mappack that will be used for our events. Using git repositories and testing teams, as well as cooperating with clans and units in and outside of PRTA to produce the promtion, we are very proud to present the PRTA MAP TEST Pack!

Here is an overview of all the maps:
The Karez Offensive 4km Canada VS MEC
Borovsko Bridge 2km Russia VS Militia
Temelin 1km US(60s) VS Militia
Adak 4km US Army VS China
Assault on Grozny 2km Russia VS Militia
Op. Dragon Orchard 4km Russia VS US Marines
Steel Viper 4km PLA VS MEC
Bamyan 4km US(60s) VS Taliban
Operation Sapphire US(60s) vs ARF

The North American, European, and Russian Servers will all feature événement servers for this mappack. With servers located far and wide we feel the community can find servers close to their location to play on. As always, the passwords for the servers will be released on the teamspeak prior to the événement starting.

Image  Image  Image

The password for the map files will be announced on saturday the 18th of April. The password for the servers will be given once the PRTA teamspeak reaches over 200 users. If that does not happen the password will be released at 1800PRT. The servers will run for all of sunday aswell.

You may also click this link to join teamspeak:

Download link: Will be avalible soon. Stay tuned!
File password: Will be released the 18th of April.
Server Password: Get on teamspeak on the 18th of April, when the PRTA teamspeak reaches 200 users, the password will be released.

These servers will be online every weekend after the 18th. These events will feature the standard map layouts, we will later organize events for the alternative, infantry & large layers of the maps. Feel free to check out the detailed information about each map below:

The Karez Offensive 4km
Map by Wicca
Canada VS MEC
Hill, Desert, Open
The map is intended to host the Norwegian forces facing the MEC in

Standard Layout AAS

4 BMP2
3 Transport Trucks
3 Logistic Trucks
1 Mig 29

4 LAV3
1 Coyote
3 G-Wagon (GPMG)
3 Transport Trucks
3 Logistic Trucks
1 F/A18 CAS

Minimap and Image

Borovsko Bridge 2km
Map by Rusty_42
Russia vs Militia
Amphibious assault.
This map is intended to host the 80s Czechoslovak forces versus Militia in Borovsko, Czechoslovakia.

Standard Layout AAS

4 OT-62 (amphibious light apc)
1 BMP-2 no atgm, spawn delay
1 Transport heli
2 Logistic trucks
2 Boats

4 50cal
1 PT-76 (amphibious light tank), spawn delay
4 BRDM support
5 Transport trucks
3 Logistic trucks
3 Bikes

Minimap & Image

Temelin 1km
Map by Rusty_42
US Army (60s) vs Militia
Infantry, Urban Environment
This map is intended to host the 80s Czechoslovak forces versus conventional faction in Temelin, Czechoslovakia, 80s.

Standard Layout AAS
US Army (60s)

6 Transport Trucks
2 Logistic m548a1
1 Tank m48a1, nospawn

6 Transport Trucks
2 Logistic Trucks
1 Tank T-62, nospawn

Minimap & Image

Adak 4km
Map by Rusty_42
US Army vs China
Amphibious assault
Adak Island, Alaska

Standard Layout AAS

1 Little Bird
1 Chinook
4 APC M113
2 Swift Boat
3 Boats
2 Support Truck
2 Logistic Trucks
2 Humvee Support

1 z8
2 z9b Transport
1 z9b 23mm
4 Boats
3 APC 50cal
1 Logistic Truck
2 Paratroopers

Minimap & Image

Assault On Grozny 2km
Map by Ason
Russia VS Militia
Urban, Fields, Forests

Standard Layout AAS

3 Transport Trucks
2 Logistic Trucks
2 BTR-80
1 BMP-2
1 T-90

1 Transport Truck
4 Civilian Cars
2 Zastava Vans
2 Logistic Trucks
1 AT Techie
1 MG Techie
1 Ural AAV
1 BMP-1
1 T-62

Minimap and Image:

Op. Dragon Orchard 4km
Map by Zeno
Operation Dragon Orchard
Amphibious assault
Russia vs US Marines

1 BMP-2
1 BMP-3
2 BTR-80
4 RHIB boats
3 Mi-17 transport helicopters
1 Mi-24 Hind Attack helicopter
1 Su-39 Ground attack jet

US Marines
2 LAV-25
2 AAVP7a1 Amphibious assult vehicle
2 Swiftboats
2 RHIB boats
3 UH-1n Huey
1 V-22 Osprey
2 Harrier VTOL jets
1 Ah-1z Attack helicopter

Minimap & Image

Steel Viper 4km
Map by Zeno
Canyon, Desert, Open
Set in the Gobi desert, PLA and MEC armored forces clash head to head.

Standard Layout C&C

2 Type 98 Main Battle Tank
2 ZTZ-99 Main Battle Tank
3 Type 86G IFV
2 W550 ATGM-Vehicle
2 W551a (50. Cal)
1 Type 95 SPAAA
2 VN-3
2 Logistical truck
1 Zhi-9WA light attack helicopter
1 Zhi-9WA light ATGM helicopter
3 Zhi-8KA Heavy transport helicopter

4 T-72 Main Battle Tank
1 BMP-3
2 BTR-60
2 Shturm (ATGM Vehicle)
1 Shilka (Anti-air gun vehicle)
2 Scorpion
2 Logistical truck

1 Mi-24 Hind
1 Sa-341 Gazelle Light transport helicopter
3 Mi-17 Medium transport helicopter

Minimap & Image

Bamyan 4km
Map by Ason
US(60s) vs Taliban
Desert, mountains.

Standard Layout AAS64

3 Support Trucks
3 Logistic Trucks
2 Support HMMWV
4 Uparmored HMMWV
2 M113
2 UH1D Trans heli
13 Civilian cars
4 Zastava vans
4 MG Techie
1 SPG Techie
1 Rocket Techie
2 Ural AAV

Operation Sapphire 4km
Map by Ason
US(60s) vs ARF
Islands, Jungle

Standard Layout AAS64

4 UH1D Trans heli
4 RHIB MG boats
2 Patrol Boats
2 Civilian cars
1 Support Truck
3 MG Techie (no respawn)
1 Ural AAV (no respawn)
4 Unarmed boats
7 Sampan MG boats

Minimap & Image

The PRTA Community would like to give their thanks to the following individuals & clans:
Rusty42 - Mapper
Ason - Mapper
Zeno - Mapper
Tobi-the-Fraggel - Technician
Sloan - Technician
Temexter - Technician
Steckdose - Technician/Advisor
Helfer - Technician/Advisor
Camo_camo_jnr - Film Director
L&P - Testers
TZ - Testers
3DAC - Testers
Spearhead - Testers

A big thank you to the amazing Project Reality Community and the Developers, we owe you these moments of fun. To anyone who helped the project but was not mentioned, we thank you aswell. ... ril.14586/

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Posté: 03 Avr 2015, 23:08 

Intéressante initiative qui pourra j'en suis sûr intéresser du monde (Déca et Akou pour commencer), j'en veux pour preuve cet autre sujet dédié à BF2 PR dans ce même forum : battlefield-2-project-reality-t1798.html :)

Mention spéciale aux modeurs, ne serait-ce que parce qu'on aime bien ce genre de codeurs -bénévoles et souvent doués- par ici ;)

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