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MessageSujet du message: MWM III (beta 3) Release
Posté: 05 Mai 2021, 11:58 


Hello all.
Modplanet proudly presents the next English version of Modern Warfare Mod III in English.

- UR-77, ammo has been fixed
- Tiger ATGM's trail has been fixed
- bogue with the fuel's instant moving from barrels has been fixed
- the animation of the SPG Paladin's machine gun
- the editor picture of BMP-3 Arena has been fixed
- the confused 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns on M1A1 Abrams in M1A2 SepV3 have been fixed
- the delay before the explosion when ATGMs and grenade launchers hit the ground has been removed
- shadows of some fences have been fixed
- the crash when building 337 in Europe was destroyed has been fixed
- the armor of many APCs and IFVs was adjusted more accurately that allows capturing them as trophies

- artillery has been reworked. Now it does not destroy buildings with obe shell
- the infantry became more vulnerable to some weapons as hmgs, automatic grenade launchers, etc.
- ATGMs now damage the infantry with fragments
- the protection of bunkers from heavy machine guns has
been fixed
- the probability of fire in houses while shelled has been reduced

- a new scheme "Winter" has been added for the European unit packs
- a new scheme "Mountains" has been added for the European unit packs
- new vertical objects 977-978 have been added to Europe
- new vertical objects (cacti) and fences 977-984 and a new building 393 have been added to Syria
- the palette of the default soil has been slightly reworked for Syria
- some new trees have been added to Europe summer and Europe autumn
- new houses 606, 607, 775, 776, 777, 778 added to Europe

- KrAZ Spartan (Ukraine, to replace Dorzor)
- SU-25 bomber (Ukraine)
- damaged vehicles (common, all schemes)
- soldier with signal smoke (common, all schemes)
- damaged T-72B "veteran" (common, Europe)
- Dongfeng Mengshi EQ2050F (Belarus)
- Iraqi Hamers with 12.7mm and 7.62mm (common, Syria)
- Medical Hummer M997 (USA, Israel)

- all HUMVEEs and vehicles based on them
- BTR-4 (Ukraine)
- all line SU-24 (with improved texture and correct placement of wings on the ground, historical camouflage added to the Russian SU-24 in the Syria scheme)
- S-60 (Syria)
- BM-21 Grad (Russia)
- Ural 4320 truck (Russia)
- Ural fuel truck (Russia)
- SU-25 (Ukraine)
- 120mm mortars

- the sound of BMP-2's cannon
- the sound of 81/2mm mortars


GOOGLE DRIVE DIRECT ... sp=sharing


ADDITIONALLY: The English version of the Bloody Sands campaign has been fixed. Namely, the number and health of the crew of the rebel T-90 that the player must recapture. To update the campaign, download the attached archive from here, extract it, and replace the existing files in MWMIII\Maps\campaign.

AND, OF COURSE: A new campaign "UAS vs TURKEY" by our comrade Sunlight is also available. The briefings and massages in it are both in Russian and English. To play it, download the archive from here and extract it MWMIII\Maps\single.


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Last images are not working.

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